Friday, October 28, 2016

Supporting Positive Growth in Our Community

Supporting Positive Growth in the Chattanooga Community

Priorities & Goals

The Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation will provide annual financial awards to one (1) or several not-for-profit organizations that satisfy one or more of the Foundation’s Funding Goals and which also satisfy many or all of the Foundation’s Evaluation Criteria.
The total amount awarded per year will be determined annually, based upon endowment earnings and earnings from other charitable fundraising efforts of the Foundation.

Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation Funding Goals

  1. At-Risk Youth
  2. Education
  3. Economic/Entrepreneurial Development

At-Risk Youth: to support innovative and positive efforts that aim to improve the potential for young people at risk to become responsible, thriving and achieving adults (”at risk”= young people who face extraordinary challenges socially, mentally, economically or academically)
Education: to support efforts that improve parental involvement in schools, help to encourage success in academic achievement and to facilitate innovative learning opportunities (with an emphasis on elementary education)
Small Business /Entrepreneurism: to support focused efforts on start-up and small business recruitment, business growth, financial and management training, leadership development and job creation

Exclusions from Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation Funding:

  • Political events or organizations (PACs)
  • Endowments
  • Replacement of government funding
  • Programs that unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, gender or other basis
  • Feasibility studies for fundraising campaigns
  • Fundraising events or expenses
  • Advertising or solicitation expenses
  • State, regional or national organizations (unless a local office and active presence is maintained)
  • Efforts, activities or projects outside Cornerstone service areas
  • Allied Arts agencies or programs
  • United Way agencies or programs
  • Capital campaigns

Eligiable for Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation Funding:

  • Needs assessments (non fundraising)
  • Operating funds
  • Unique/special conference expenses for speakers, development, etc.
  • General funds
  • Multi-year programs or initiatives
  • PRI (program related investments)
  • All other specifically not excluded

Evaluation Criteria of Funding Requests

Priority will be placed on those proposals that demonstrate satisfactory achievement of all the criteria below:

  1. Purpose: aligns with the Foundation’s mission and at least one of its funding areas
  2. Results: measurable, tangible, visible results
  3. Sustainable impact/effort: impact is beyond a single event or is catalyst for ongoing impact
  4. Leverage: project is able to achieve impact beyond direct investment
  5. Leadership:
    • Sound leadership & team to execute results
    • Funds are likely to be used efficiently & effectively by recipient
    • Funding will help build capacity & ability within the community
  6. Uniqueness: is the effort or project not yet available in the service area