Friday, October 20, 2017

Supporting Positive Growth in Our Community

Supporting Positive Growth in the Chattanooga Community


Coolidge ParkThe purpose of Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation is to broaden support to the communities served by the Bank in ways not currently achieved through its annual donations, sponsorships or other community-based programs.

The Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation provides financial support for community-based not-for-profit efforts in locations where the Bank provides services and for not for profit organizations that create sustainable solutions to local problems affecting three specific areas:

  1. At-Risk Youth
  2. Education
  3. Economic/Entrepreneurial Development 

Our mission is to help improve quality of life by strengthening the economic, social and educational foundations of the communities we serve.

To be considered for a charitable contribution from the Cornerstone Bancshares Foundation, the Foundation must receive a completed application form which can be downloaded here.

For more information on the application process and any administrative guidelines, please see the Process & Application page.

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